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Mega Remodeling offers top quality cabinet resurfacing contractors that specialize and have mastered cabinet resurfacing projects in Santa Paula, CA. Mega Remodeling is a referral agency designed to help homeowners find qualified contractors that can get the job done. Cabinet Resurfacing is a great project to add value, help cover the aging cabinets, and breathe new life into your home.  

Mega Remodeling has cabinet makers, cabinet repair specialists, and cabinet resurfacing professionals that can get the job done in less than 3-4 days!

Cabinet Resurfacing in Santa Paula

Benefits of Kitchen Cabinet Resurfacing

As more and more homeowners find creative ways to save money, and help our planet cabinet resurfacing seems to fit the role for both categories. Cabinet resurfacing in Santa Paula, a community of eco-friendly green enthusiasts is a great way to add value to your home. Once you notice your cabinets are falling apart, have minor or severe damages, the value of your home is dropping significantly. Santa Paula is a family oriented community, which indicates kitchens are a very important part of the home. Those that want to sell the house will have hard time finding buyers with a damaged or badly renovated kitchen. Mega Remodeling can help you find cabinet resurfacing contractors that can remodel your kitchen, and save you money.     

Also consider how eco- friendly cabinet resurfacing is. Cabinet resurfacing reuses the existing cabinets saving the planets trees. In addition to continuing to use the wood, homeowners are saving on removal costs and dumping fees. Less wood in our landfills the more space we can save.

Determining Cabinet Resurfacing Costs

Mega Remodeling and our network of affordable contractors help homeowners determine costs by going over the basics. There are kitchens that are less than 7 cabinets and resurfacing a smaller kitchen like that would be far less. Mega Remodeling only refers qualified contractors and has no control over pricing and options; however our experience has shown that most homeowners are paying between $4,035 - $8,847 depending on the cabinets, veneer and more. What does this mean in comparison to a full kitchen remodeling? Most kitchen remodeling projects start as low as $15,000 which means you save almost 50% if you resurface verses remodel. Consider Mega Remodeling and our network to help refer the best cabinet specialists in the industry locally.

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